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Premium Bananas


NIKKI bananas are fertile and grown in the tropical farms, to distribute a premium quality product to valuable customers. With years of experience in consistently developing banana industry, we strive to have our partners satisfied with the reliable and exceptional standards of NIKKI premium bananas. NIKKI bananas are fully nutritious with fiber, potassium, vitamins and healthy carbohydrates.

NIKKI bananas are grown in Ecuador and Costa Rica and providing the finest fruit to different destinations of the world. NIKKI bananas vision is to provide different nationalities with premium quality fruit and healthy life style. NIKKI is changing the sphere in various ways, sharing is helping people to stay connected, stay fit, and to stay happy. NIKKI bananas are premium organic and healthy fruit which stimulate people to be cheerful.



NIKKI bananas are a great source of resistant Starch. NIKKI bananas include this starch that cannot be broken down by bacteria in the digestive system and, most importantly, it acts like a fiber in the stomach. While traveling, NIKKI tells people more about the pros of eating bananas; it can minimise the risk of diabetes and helps to aid in blood sugar control, helping to control heart disease by reducing the level of blood cholesterol in the body. In addition to this health benefits, the green bananas we provide are an excellent source of fiber.


We focus on providing an excellent value product by conducting a thorough inspection of every delivery in order to meet quality standards. For quality measures, technology is essential in modern-day businesses. NIKKI bananas implemented an automated system for quality control to optimize traceability and efficiency. Our qualified technical staff monitors each phase of production, from harvest to packaging and shipping, to ensure the highest standards of quality. NIKKI follows the fair trade rules and regulations to avoid global trading and health issues.

Our customers’ needs are our priority!


We have many containers to deliver bananas in good condition; we take our role providing the products very seriously. NIKKI is very excited to take part in the innovative and exciting journey with different customers. No one can match NIKKI’s expertise on the market, she moves millions of containers loaded with bananas. NIKKI, as an expert, knows the importance of your bananas’ shipping, and is well aware of the significance of your cargo and handles the precious and perishable goods with care. NIKKI makes sure that your shipment arrives in peak condition. NIKKI never compromises the quality in delivering the load, no matter the destination.

By using the latest technology, NIKKI provides a platform for you to make better decisions with regard to your cargo. NIKKI is excited to travel this beautiful journey together. Cargo safety has always been a top-priority of NIKKI, centrally located in farms with multi-temp packing facilities. Additionally, refrigerated containers make it possible to successfully deliver our product to customers.

NIKKI’S cold temperature containers help to control temperatures according to the weather conditions in different countries. NIKKI is monitoring the temperature of your container and can adjust the temperature of the container. With NIKKI, you can optimize the speed of your deliverable cargo. When it comes to shipping and handling the bananas, NIKKI knows best. Traveling with NIKKI is easy and NIKKI takes special care of your particular load.